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Is your child struggling in academically or having behavioral problems at school?

Are you concerned about your child’s progress with his or her current educational program?

Do you have questions about your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), 504 accommodation plan, or your rights as the child of a parent with a disability?

I offer a variety of services to families to address these concerns and more.

Brandi Tanner, Ph.D.

I have over 15 years of experience in education and mental health. I have attended hundreds of IEP, 504, and Student Support Team (SST) meetings in my career. My combination of experience as both a special education teacher and school psychologist make me uniquely qualified to provide recommendations regarding school procedures and educational programming.

As a former special educator, I am able to provide recommendations for interventions and educational programming that are both effective and feasible. I am a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP). As a psychologist, I interpret evaluation information into understandable terms to use in educational and program planning. I am also a practicing licensed psychologist. For more information about psychological services including evaluations, please visit www.branditannerphd.com

My Services

As an educational consultant and advocate, I use my expertise in educational programming, special education procedures, and psychology to help you get an appropriate educational program in place for your child.

Records Review and Consultation

I provide a professional review of your child’s records from school as well as other providers. This review will provide insight as to the completeness and accuracy of the documentation in school records. I will interpret information from evaluations and progress monitoring data into understandable terms for you. Additionally, I will provide insight and analysis regarding the appropriateness of the current services, placements, curriculum, goals, objectives, and/or accommodations and suggest changes based on evidence-based practices. I will provide specific, detailed, and targeted solutions for educational programming, interventions, and strategies.

School Meeting (IEP/SST/504) Preparation and Attendance

At your request, I will travel to your child’s school to attend parent conferences, SST, 504 and IEP meetings with you. In addition to meeting attendance, this option also includes services prior to and after the meeting itself. Prior to the meeting, I will review information such as draft IEP documents and consult with you regarding concerns to be raised in the meeting. I will work with you to articulate your statement of parental concerns. After the meeting, I will review all meeting documents for accuracy.

Dispute Resolution Services

If needed, I will consult with you regarding procedures for dispute resolution options available including formal complaints, mediation, and due process hearing requests.

Consultation Services

I am available to provide a variety of consultation services to you through phone or in person meetings. I provide parent education about topics including the Student Support Team (SST) process, Response to Intervention (RtI), Americans with Disabilities Act Section 504, and Parental Rights for Special Education Students. I also provide information regarding the latest research on curriculum, services, and programming. I provide parents with the information needed to advocate for appropriate services. I will provide coaching on how to present your concerns in a manner to maintain open communication with the team while obtaining the appropriate services for your child.

Training Seminars

I am available to provide training seminars on a variety of topics in education or psychology.

Fees and Payments


Fees are based on services requested. A limited number of sliding scale clients are accepted.


Cash, check and credit cards are accepted for payment.

Contact Me

Brandi Tanner, Ph.D., NCSP
Educational Consultant
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Dr. Tanner is also a practicing licensed psychologist. For more information about psychological services including evaluations please visit www.lightwaypsych.com